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The Thing That Came From Outer Space


47 full color pages.
Art and Story by Darrell San.
Explicit Content: For adults only.

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The greatest Blonde Marvel stories ever told!

Angela Zaftig lives a double life! By day she’s a meek, mild mannered suburban wife and mother.  But by night she’s The Blonde Marvel, champion of Municipal City!

The Blonde Marvel uses her brains, brawn and sometimes even her giant boobs to thwart crime and keep America safe for democracy! The Blonde Marvel: The Thing That Came From Outer Space is a collection of short, sexy stories from the original run of The Blonde Marvel webcomic. Including:

Gigantic! How can the Blonde Marvel stop a giant nude monster from destroying Municipal City? By becoming a giant nude superheroine of course!

The Thing That Came From Outer Space: Blonde Marvel confronts a space invasion and an amorous alien who wants to invade her twat!

The Blonde Marvel Sucks Off Dr.Atom Man (for the Good of the Universe): What the title says!!!

Wherever there’s a bad guy with a hard-on for injustice, the Blonde Marvel will be there to bring the whole situation to a climax!

In full Color!