It’s been a while since we’ve heard the pitter-patter of little comics around here. I nearly forgot how to post them. As you know, the Blonde Marvel has sworn off superhero-ing, preferring to spend more time with her family. Besides, fighting crime and dodging the clutches of sex crazed villains, lustful monsters, and amorous aliens (often unsuccessfully I might add) takes a toll on a happily married mother of two. But the world of comics just hasen’t been the same since BM hung up her cape. Alas, all we’re left with now are the rather mundane and predictable adventures of Superman, Bat Man and Spider-Man (pardon me while I yawn).

Anyways, here’s page one of “The Baby Maker”, a story I did in 2018, just prior to the Blonde Marvel announcing her retirement. Over the coming weeks, if no one objects, I’d like to post more pages from “The Baby Maker” and try to gauge if there’s any interest in a sequel. But that would mean trying to coax the Blonde Marvel out of retirement. The last time I tried that, she threw a shoe at me.

Seriously, who throws a shoe?

Did you know?

Did you know you can buy Blonde Marvel #1, and other Blonde Marvel related comics, right here at my website? Yes, the age of computing has finally made such a thing possible. It isn’t just all about MySpace and GeoCities!