You’ve likely seen this piece before. If you stick around long enough, you’ll likely see it again! Hey, I’m quite proud of this bit of artwork.

Anyways, this is the cover to Blonde Marvel #1. The plot? Why, I’m glad you asked! Seems the diabolical super villain, Fritz Krieg, is at death’s door and he desperately wants to have children to carry on his legacy. But who shall be mother? Hmmm…let me think a moment…! Why, none other than the champion of Major City, that paragon of pulchritude, the curvy crusader herself, the Blonde Marvel! His plan is knock up our heroic heroine with his biochemically enhanced sperm, which will cause BM to give birth to his brood in mere hours rather than months!

And of course the Blonde Marvel is none too pleased (and neither, I must say, is her husband). Friends, if you read only one comic this year about a bosomy superheroine who gets impregnated by her evil arch nemesis and has to give birth within hours of their having sex, then it has to be this one!!

I haven’t yet heard from the Pulitzer Prize committee about being nominated for “Most Brilliant Story Idea”, maybe the letter got lost in the mail or something. Such is life. I’m too busy to attend any award ceremonies anyway. Also, I have to add, the plot came not from me but from a gentleman who wishes to remain anonymous, so I’ll just call him that: Anonymous. He and I hope to collaborate on another Blonde Marvel story soon, so I’ll keep you all informed about that.

Did you know?

Did you know you can buy Blonde Marvel #1 (now in color), and other Blonde Marvel related comics, right here at my website? Yes, the age of computing has finally made such a thing possible. What’s next? Electronic mail?