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Blonde Marvel vs The Handy Man

Many Hands

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This illustration was originally done for my wonderful Patreon backers waaaay back in the olden times on June 2021. A man having four hands would probably prefer a woman with a set of four breasts. Yet, one might say that Angela Zaftig (AKA the Blonde Marvel) has two breasts big enough that they need to be fondled with four hands. Hey, speaking of Patreon (well, you brought it up, right?) why don’t you go to my Patreon site right now and become a backer at the $2 level. This helps me afford tools such as Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) that I use in making illustrations and comics. Have you seen the prices Adobe charges? The money I make on Patreon just barely covers my monthly Adobe subscription (after you subtract what I pay to support the great artists I also back on Patreon, such as Rampant404 and NewTypeMo ❤ ).

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