All new, never before published material. On sale at comiXcentral!

This is a comic I was commissioned to do last year for a private patron who wished to remain anonymous. The plot is as follows: Fritz Krieg (one of the Blonde Marvel’s most fiendish foes) has returned. Diagnosed as terminally ill, Krieg suddenly wants to have children, in order to continue his legacy. And the woman he wants to carry his children is none other than Mrs. Angela Zaftig. Krieg has concocted a scheme to have The Blonde Marvel conceive, bare and give birth to his brood all in one night.
As stated above, this is a brand new story never published here at It’s black and white and for adults only due to sexual explicit artwork. This book features:
Angela Zaftig/Blonde Marvel
Fritz Krieg (currently wanted by the FBI, Interpol, Scotland Yard, etc)
Harold Braun (Angela’s husband)
Cassandra Braun (Angela’s daughter)
Nick Braun (Angela’s son)

It’s funny, sexy, and on sale now at comiXcentral.comĀ