This page and the previous one were flatted by Michael Arbon. I hire him occasionally because coloring is so damn time consuming. As someone who’s always broke, hiring someone else is kinda tricky, lol. That’s why I want to thank Raymond Rappaport, Samuel Baker, Douglas Goldstein, and all my other my patrons on Patreon. They made it possible for me to pay Michael, as well as afford my monthly subscription to Photoshop and Illustrator, which I use for more detailed coloring and lettering, respectively. Photoshop users out there know how pricey a monthly sub can be.
Thanks also to suerichardsff (as always) for providing inspiration and support 🙂 . I believe Susan is the Blonde Marvel’s first true fan and she saw the potential in the character even before I did, lol.
I’ve been getting the itch to work on a new character lately, either something sword and sworcery related or something more down to earth. I’ve always wanted to do a Red Sonja type of story, you know, where the lead character is a badass female warrior. Except in my version, the character is now about 20 years older, settled, with children, and these days more curvy than muscular. The story would involve her having to come out of retirement to fight an old enemy. She may no longer fit her bikini armor but she can still fight orcs, trolls and evil sorcerers, lol. So here are some concept drawings you may or may not be familiar with:









As for a “down to earth” character, here’s a character I call “Big Mama” or just “Mama.”

Her “adventures” wouldn’t involve supervillains or the supernatural. In fact, she would face the most insidious, most sinister, most deceitful threat of all: men who constantly want to get at that big ass of hers, lol.

Well, thanks once again for reading and indulging me. See you all soon, I hope.