The crazy continues. Blonde Marvel must still be feeling the ill effects of the growth ray! Unable to summon the strength to stop his assault, she must endure every inch of humiliation, every stroke of shame!  Will our hero find some way to save Municipal City and what’s left of her dignity? Or will we be saying hello to a a Brown Behemoth Junior some nine months from now? Stay tuned. Same Blonde time, Same Blonde website.

In other news…this page is mix of old school and digital inking. I used the tablet for whatever needed straight lines, such as the buildings and the windows (y’all know what happens when I try to draw dozens of windows freehand, even with a ruler…disaster ensues). I did the outlines of each character with the tablet, whereas I did the rendering of muscles, hair and facial expressions freehand this time,just to see what would happen. There are times when I want the look of spontaneity and looseness that I get from inking freehand and there are times I want the control and certainty that I get from digital. Who knows what the next page will look like?