The Blonde Marvel, incapacitated for the moment by the effects of Dr. Knudsen’s growth ray, endures intense domination by the mysterious brown behemoth. Citizens of Municipal City watch stunned as their champion suffers indignity after indignity at the hands of the green-haired Goliath. Will our heroine regain her powers before she’s inseminated by this mysterious creature? Will General Ruckus come to the rescue? Keep your eyes peeled for the next harrowing episode!

In other news…hey thanks everybody for reading the old Blonde Marvel webcomic. The art, even in my opinion, is getting better, if not faster. Trying to incorporate the Wacom tablet into my workflow has been difficult, as predicted-no surprise there. I don’t know why I have such difficulty drawing digitally but I do. Right now I find it easier to draw the pages on paper and then ink them digitally.  So far I’m pleased with the many improvements I’ve been able to make in detail, backgrounds, perspective and so forth but I’m still quite disappointed at how long I take to ink the overall page.  Thanks to all of you who stick with me as I go through my artistic ups and downs.

About Knute Knudsen and General Ruckus. Knute is a character that I wanted to add for a long time but never got the chance to. He was supposed to be part of that old giant robot story I did a few years ago but got cut as  the story got way too long. General Ruckus is your typical blustery old school military type. The thing about General Ruckus is that, for reasons even I’m not aware of, he and his men are only given 1970’s era military equipment and uniforms. So basically he’s in charge of an underfunded national guard unit. Which suits him just fine, because he’s an old school kinda guy, as you can tell by how much he likes to cuss. In the modern military, cursing at or in front of your subordinates is a no-no (sometimes a career-ending no-no). But General Ruckus gets away with it because, as I said, his unit is very un-modern.

Well that’s it for this week. Stay tuned for more adventure!