All New! All Different!!

BM vs Giant IMPROVED AGAINHere is the beginning of a new Blonde Marvel story…or is it the conclusion of an old Blonde Marvel story? You decide! Yes it’s been several months since our last visit with the Defender of Municipal City. You may recall that when last we left the Curvaceous Crusader, she was attempting to cure her nephew Mervin, who had inadvertently become a werewolf (it happens) and, well, one thing lead to another and there may have been some sexual intercourse, who knows, it was so long ago. Our story resumes a few hours later, as Angela wakes up to find that the previous night was not some warped dream and that she did indeed fornicate with the half man, half monster who had once been her teen-aged nephew.

So in this story we’re exploring just what happened to our poor Angela after the events of the last story, “Mervin the Monster.” I think we all agreed that “Mervin” ran about twenty pages too long and we were all sick and tired of hearing about Mervin the werewolf after so many months. So naturally for my new story I decided to go right back and continue the saga of Mervin the werewolf 🙂 !! But seriously, although I decided to end the story last October due to it being overly long, there was still more to the story that I wanted to tell. So now that we’ve all had a nice long intermission, allow me to briefly resume the “Mervin the Monster” saga and bring it to the conclusion I had originally planned.

Enter: GraphicBrat

You may or may not remember me stating that I was on the lookout for a colorist in order to speed up production of this famously infrequent comic. Well before I could even post a”help wanted” ad over at Digital Webbing or Pencil Jack, along comes my buddy GraphicBrat angling for the job. Well, of course I hired him because check out his freaking gallery! And besides, in comics, it’s all about connections and “who you know” anyways ;). So my point being that GB and I will try to get this comic to you on a more or less consistent basis for the time being probably maybe.