• As stated last time: I’m going to be posting some of these “filler” or “one-off” comics I did some years ago. I guess the purpose of these short comics was to exercise my drawing skills while at the same time have some fast content for my site. I also wanted to post some snippets of plot ideas without committing to a 20-30 page saga.
    The charm of these one page comics is that they were just that: one page…they did not drone on and on for 30+ pages.
  • This was from 2010 as well. The magician idea was something I probably should have explored further.
  • I’m re-re-redesigning my site 🙂 . Over the years a lot of people have been kind enough to link to my webcomic. A couple of years ago I was getting a bit worried that some people might follow the link and not be quite prepared for the kind of comic strip this actually is. I had this notion that people would follow the link and be shocked to find an adult comic strip. That’s why I decided it might be best to to put the blog on the main page and have a link to the latest comic off to the side. But that was a couple of years ago, and since then I’ve run across so many adult comics that just, you know, put it all out there, no apologies. So I decided to do the same.
  • The next Blonde Marvel story is in the works. I previewed some of the art on Facebook (the super secret hush hush Blonde Marvel Facebook Group) so there’s a few of you out there that know I’ve been at least a little busy.  As you probably know, I normally work solo, mainly cuz I’m the only person who’ll put up with me.  But with this upcoming story I’d like to hire an assistant to help me color. Once the main artwork is done, I’ll be looking to pay someone to lay down the flat colors, which is a rather tedious (but important) task that I just don’t have the time for these days.