Support the Starslam Kickstarter!!! (please)

I hope you’ll join me in supporting the Kickstarter Campaign for Starslam 2.

Starslam, like our friend the Blonde Marvel, is a super-heroine who enjoys getting super-laid every now and again. The first Starslam graphic novel came out in 2014, after a mega successful Kickstarter  campaign. Now comes the exciting sequel, Starslam 2!!

Starslam’s creator, Writer/Artist Adam Talley describes Starslam thus:

“The story: The sex crazed superheroine is back for another round of fighting and steamy hot action! Bethany Hofferman (STARSLAM) is now a full member of the DEFENDERS OF EARTH and she’s found a rhythm with her new friends. But her unrefined actions cause some citizens of the world to don costumes of their own and seek revenge for her carelessness. Now she must face her own shortcomings and learn what it takes to become a true hero. It’s more thrills, more fun and of course, lots of hot sexy action as STARSLAM meets new friends and foes to fight and play with!starslam_book_1_sample_page_3_by_idiothead-d932hnh

146 pages – ADULTS ONLY (Violence, Nudity, Strong Sexual Situations)”
Spoiler alert: The Kickstarter for Starslam 2 is already more than 100% successful. I and many other fans kicked in over $1500 in less than 24 hours to make the book a reality. BuT YOU can still contribute! You can still reserve your copy of Starslam 2 and snag one or two of the rewards listed at the site. YOU can help Adam reach that first stretch goal of $2500. Sexy female superheroes created by independent artists are few and far between, that’s why I support creators like Adam Talley and I hope that readers and fans of the Blonde Marvel help Starslam 2 become a success!!
Let’s hit that first stretch goal!

Enter: GraphicBrat

By GraphicBrat

By GraphicBrat

You may or may not remember me stating that I was on the lookout for a colorist in order to speed up production of this famously infrequent comic. Well before I could even post a”help wanted” ad over at Digital Webbing or Pencil Jack, along comes my buddy GraphicBrat angling for the job. Well, of course I hired him because check out his freaking gallery! And besides, in comics, it’s all about connections and “who you know” anyways ;). So my point being that GB and I will try to get this comic to you on a more or less consistent basis for the time being probably maybe.