Hello and welcome back to another thrilling page (I hope) of the “The Great Orb” saga. Since I have your attention, however briefly, let me offer an explanation as to how, in panel three, a guy can bonk our heroine in the noggin and cause her so much grief. Isn’t she super tough? Indeed she is! But, as explained here at the Blonde Marvel cast page, Angela can project an aura of energy that absorbs blunt force (it also gives her super strength, the ability to fly and accelerate rapidly). Let me elaborate a bit by saying that this aura is somewhat dormant when she’s at rest or not expecting a fight. It’s at its strongest when she is in a fight or requires either speed or the ability to fly. So, in panel three, above, as BM is was not expecting to have to fight these regular citizens, her aura was dormant, and therefore the surprise tool-to-the-head was very effective.

If you’re just now hearing about this mysterious “energy aura” that the Blonde Marvel possesses, don’t worry. I came up with the idea some time ago while working on the “Mervin the Monster” story (as seen on the left) but never really explained it effectively. As this particular story progresses, we’ll “see” the aura in use again. Nuff said, True Believers!

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