Who is the Great Leader? What is the Great Orb? Are donations to the First Church of Bealzebar tax deductible? Do I get a receipt? And where is The Blonde Marvel? This is her comic series, isn’t it? Well, True Believers, we do have to let the villain shine every now and again. Especially wordy villains like The Great Leader. He needs at least two pages of monologue and exposition. The Blonde Marvel will appear soon enough. Her contract stipulates she can’t be off screen more than five pages, tops. Now you know; the Blonde Marvel is a MILF and a Diva!

While The Great Leader is preparing to conquer the world, GraphicBrat and I are working on something a little more ambitious. We are both slowly but surely finishing up our full color “Mervin the Monster” story. I’m several pages ahead with the line art and GB is struggling to catch up with me (mwa ha ha)!! I’d like to get him to color “The Great Orb” one of these days but that depends on his schedule (and my piggy bank). GB is also hard at work (I hope) on his sexy-magical-ninja-princess website. It’s still a work in progress (but aren’t we all 🙂 ).

It’s been a little while since we’ve simply focused on Blonde Marvel’s crime fighting exploits (as opposed to her sexual exploits). With “The Great Orb,” I aim to tell a story where Angela’s a superhero first and foremost and her sexuality only comes into play peripherally (if at all-you gotta read the story).

Anyway, tune in next Monday to see just what evil lurks in the heart of The Great Leader!