Behold! A new story!  The astute among you might have noticed that we weren’t quite done with the old story (the second half of the “Mervin the Monster” saga). But never fear, GraphicBrat and I are working on that one as well. You’ve waited this long to see what happens between Angela and her nephew, you can wait a while longer. Meanwhile, there are plenty more stories to tell. Such as this one, “The Great Orb.”

In all the years I’ve posted Blonde Marvel stories and illustrations, I’ve always insisted, often stubbornly, that they be in full color. I’ve always been of the mind that superhero comics, if no other genre, should be in color. However, with the exception of “Mervin the Monster” which is being colored quite masterfully by GraphicBrat, “The Great Orb” and subsequent stories will be in black and white, at least for the foreseeable future. I realized a few months ago that there just wasn’t enough hours in the day for me to draw and color which is why I sought help from a professional colorist. In fact, I probably should have reached out for that help a couple of years ago. But like I said, I’m stubborn.

I took a couple of college courses over the summer. Business Writing and Pre-calculus. Well, the writing course I was cool with. However, math and I just don’t get along. Especially so called “higher level” math. I think the main reason I left school and did twenty years in the Army was to avoid taking that class. Believe me when I say I was very disappointed to learn that even after I retired and went back to school on the GI Bill, pre-calculus was still a requirement! Just no escaping it, I guess. The thought of having to take actual calculus some day fills me with dread. Maybe I can re-enlist?

But seriously, I had to take a break from making comics in order to get through those classes. My Writing class was only one month long, which meant it packed four months of material into four weeks. I’m not quite sure what the fuck I was thinking when I signed up for it. I mean, was I possessed? The math class was two months long, so not as accelerated. But accelerated enough to be the harder of the two. This past weekend was the first weekend all summer that I got some decent sleep and got to draw a little bit. I mean really draw, not just sketch or doodle.