This website,, website underwent sort of a glitch a little over a year ago.

I was switching hosting packages. My original hosting package allowed me to run three websites for a bargain price. I used the other two websites to help an artist friend of mine gain some well deserved exposure. Eventually my friend decided to take an extended break from the public life and therefore there wasn’t going to be any new content on those other sites.

So I was running this website and two other sites that no longer updated. Which was cool because, as I said, the package was a bargain. Why rock the boat? But then the bargain got to be rather expensive. The fees kinda crept up on me while I wasn’t looking. So I decided to change to a package where I just had the one website. Doing so would cut my fees in half.

So I arranged everything and the changeover went through smoothly. Or so I thought. That next morning I noticed that all the comics, images and fan art I had uploaded were garbled. It all looked as if, well here I’ll show you…

2009-08-02-Fan-Art-by-C-U-Morrigan 2013-04-06-stay-tuned 2013-08-26

2011-03-18 2011-06-13 2012-10-01

Right before the changeover, I downloaded all the content of my website via FTP to be on the “safe side.” But as it turns out, the content that I had downloaded as “backup” had already been garbled and corrupted. So, that was that.

I’m not sure why all this happened. I guess it had something to do with switching hosting packages but why exactly it happened I don’t know. Well, I still had all of my original art and copies of the fan art people had sent me on my computer and on my external hard drive. So I began the tedious job of re-uploading all the comics.

Well I didn’t re-upload every comic. This story, “Gigantic,” written and illustrated in 2011 (!), was one of a handful of stories I neglected to upload. I did that deliberately.

Some of you who are longtime readers who happen to pay attention to my long winded blog posts may already know why. But for those that don’t, I’ll fill you in next time. Until then, just know that I’m going to go ahead and upload it again, one page per day, for those that care to read it.