Extreme 90’s

Another illustration from several years ago. 2010 I believe. I was going through a silly phase where I drew several iterations of Blonde Marvel (1960’s Blonde Marvel, 1970’s Blonde Marvel and so forth). It’s an idea I borrowed from an episode of Fairly Odd Parents (yeah I know, guy my age watching Nickelodeon) where we get to see the superhero known as The Crimson Chin portrayed in different eras. Looking this one over, I think I should have made her hair more abundant and spiky. And if she were truly a 1990’s heroine, she’d have much less clothing, I think. The big difference between male and female superheroes of that decade is that guys got more stuff (more clothing, more armor, more this, more that) and girl heroes got less stuff (they had to fight almost in the nude, what with the plunging necklines, boob windows and no pants). The old guy hiding behind Blonde Marvel? I think he was going to be a recurring character of some kind but I never got around to using him.It was 2010. Who can remember that far back?