So…who is The Sexy Magical Ninja Princess (SMNP)?

Well, according to GraphicBrat, her creator:

“Yes SMNP can summon a massive magic penis. In that picture is P’an Chin-Lien, one of SMNP’s spirit sisters or variants as I use to call them. P’an Chin-Lien is a direct descendant of the Chinese goddess of Brothels/Lasciviousness/Prostitution/Sex of the same name. Domination is something I added to her list of interests. SMNP and all her spirit sister can summon the magic penis but only P’an Chin-Lien has mastered using it. P’an Chin-Lien is a HUGE fan of Blonde Marvel and wanted to sex her down like all the other spirit sisters want to.”

So GraphicBrat and I have been chatting about a Blonde Marvel/SMNP team-up since the Bush administration, I think, and here is a bit of a preview of what that might look like.

In other news, yes, I am working on a new Blonde Marvel story, thanks for asking 🙂  and in fact GraphicBrat is giving me an assist with the colors.