HeroesUniteFurySecret Origin of the “Origin of the Blonde Marvel”

Here’s a “bio page” I did back in 2012. It was for the Heroes Unite/Heroes Alliance jam project over at (what was then called) Drunk Duck. As the Blonde Marvel was briefly a member of Heroes Unite, I was called upon to [get off my lazy ass and] create a bio page for a proposed Official Handbook of the Heroes Unite Universe type of publication. Which wasn’t easy because up to that point I had not (and I still have not) portrayed the Blonde Marvel’s origin. Nor had I given her origin sufficient thought. Yes, I, the creator of the Blonde Marvel was still unsure of how she gained her powers, met the legendary Commander Marvel, or acquired any of her gadgets or accouterments, such as her “presto change-o” ring or her “fortress of solitude.” I had all sorts of competing ideas for her origin. Like the best golden age superhero origin stories, I wanted hers to be simple. Something you could relate in a paragraph or two, or portray in ten pages or less. Simple yes, but there was one complication. Her origin had to be tied in some way to that of her mentor/namesake, Commander Marvel. And what was his origin, pray tell? This was like a homework assignment where you think you’re done but there’s more questions on the back of the page. So, to make a long introductory paragraph short, the “bio page” assignment nudged me into brainstorming an origin for the curvy crusader.

The only thing about the “official origin” that I’m looking to change is maybe the age at which she gains her powers.

But What If…?

what ifFor the longest time I wrote these adventures based on the idea that Angela Zaftig gained her powers as an adult, already married and with children. I found it interesting, and funny, to write the adventures of a female superhero in her late 30’s (a rarity in comics) who was also considered a be a “rookie.” How does a woman who isn’t in her early 20’s and isn’t super-model thin handle being a superhero, especially in our image conscious society? I did a bunch of stories from that viewpoint but as a writer sometimes you want to play “What If.” As in, “What If” Angela had gained her powers not in her 30’s but as a teenager? Well, for one she’d have a lot more experience under her belt and for another she’d have far more enemies to contend with.

And what about family life? Originally, her husband Harold has to deal with Angela becoming a superhero a decade or so into their marriage, which causes some very interesting problems. However if Angela already has her powers this means Harold knowingly marries an active superhero. How does that change things? And what does that mean for her children? Born after their mother gained superpowers, would Cassandra and Nick have powers as well?

New Stuff

Well, as you may have noticed, since ending the “Mervin the Monster” story last October there’s been very little of what you might call “new” around these parts. For several months now I’ve been posting some old and sometimes forgotten artwork, trying to keep folks interested in the Blonde Marvel website, while behind the scenes I’ve been working on a few Blonde Marvel related projects. No, it’s true! I’ve been posting some preview material on Facebook for several months now. New stuff is (are?) on the way! If you want to read yet another long essay about what I’ve been up to these past few months, check out my latest journal entry on DeviantArt.


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