• Real Identity: Angela Karen Zaftig
  • Occupation: Crimefighter
  • Affiliations: Commander Marvel, The Righteous League, APEX
  • Age: 41
  • Family: Harold Braun (spouse)
    Cassandra Braun (daughter)
    Nick Braun (son)
  • Powers and Abilities:
    Super strength (7 on the Kirby Scale): Able to generate and manipulate an energy aura  which causes super strength.
    Invulnerability: The energy aura can deflect projectiles, repulse energy beams and absorb impact from blunt weapons.
    Flight: The energy aura can be used to launch the user skyward and propel her forward at fantastic speed.
  • Concerns: Like most super powered individuals, the Blonde Marvel often finds herself burdened by heightened carnal impulses, such as the urge to engage in sexual intercourse several times per day, often at the most inopportune moments.