I’m a lousy promoter, so I’ll keep things simple—
What: What if #10 is a 36 page, full color comic by Rampant404, creator of the Tales of Schlock series of erotic hijinks.
Plot: The Blonde Marvel and Manoa are impregnated by…Aliens. Horny aliens.

Plot2: I’ll let Rampant404 explain it himself:

“In “What If…?” #10, a year has passed since Angela (AKA the superheroine Blonde Marvel) joined Manoa and Bodacia as a mother to Deedo’s children.  But a move into a bigger house goes interrupted when Manoa and Angela find themselves abducted by aliens who have BIG plans for them!!

– 36 full color pages, plus cover   
– A special cross-over appearance from artist Darrel-San’s superheroine the Blonde Marvel 
– Oversexed aliens!  
– Mind control!! – Hyperpregnancy like never before!!! 
– Sex, sex, and MORE SEX!!! One-on-one, MFFF, and group combos you need to see to believe!”

When: Right now!
Where: It’s available for $10 patrons of Rampant404 at his Patreon site.
How: Sign up at patreon.com…you should be signed up already!
Note1: The Blonde Marvel also appears in What If #8.

Note2: If you just want to get What If #10 (or What If #8) without joining Patreon, just email the author at radishroom (at) yahoo.com.
More Info: Check out more preview art on Tumblr!