I tried some new stuff with this piece. I didn’t ink as heavily as I normally do. I wanted to work at a higher resolution (1200 dpi) than my usual 600 dpi but it was too much of a drag on the computer, so I compromised at 800 dpi. I was hoping the lines would turn out smoother but I don’t think it’s noticeable. I colored it pretty much the same. As for the Blonde Marvel herself, I noticed that lately I’ve been drawing her skinnier and skinnier for some reason. So I reversed course and tried to make her into a BBW icon, lol. I replaced her armbands with long red gloves. GraphicBrat said there was a woman where he worked who wore her hair just like the Blonde Marvel, lol. That got me thinking that maybe after ten years maybe it’s time Angela went a little crazy and rocked a new hairdo. Gotta stay ahead of the trends!