by Jarrell Tomlinson

“Hello, World !

My pen name is Chocolate Muse and I’m a writer trying to fulfill my dream of making my own superhero comic. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been captivated by all types of superhero genre projects ! Movies, short films, comics, and webcomics, -I’m extremely passionate about them all ! Now, I feel the time is right to try my hand at making my own superhero comic and carve my mark in the comic industry.

My comic tells the story of Josephine ” Josie ” Charbonneau as she fights crime as the titular protagonist, ” Steel Magnolia ” . Time and time again, Josie’s daring exploits as a superhero will pit her against evildoers from all over our world and beyond it, such as gun-toting gang members, a child’s malevolent imaginary friend and even an extradimensional deity who seeks to usher mankind toward perdition. In addition to her adventures, Josie will deal with the rigors of her own personal life, thus culminating the story events into a seemingly never-ending struggle between duty and desire.

What I want to achieve with my comic is to bring fun back to superhero comics. Nowadays there’s too much preaching. Everyone seems more interested in pushing an agenda than being entertaining. I want to try and change that because I think that’s why there’s a lot of hostility in the fandom right now. The comic will definitely feature a diverse, entertaining cast and the main protagonist is a woman but neither of those things will be the central focus of the comic. In short, I just want to tell a fun, thrilling, classic story about an ordinary person with extraordinary abilities who fights against evil in a modern day setting.”

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