I’ve gone back to working on this Spandex Girl project. It’s long overdue. I always meant to return to this and finish it but I also have the webcomic, The Blonde Marvel, and it’s tough to just set it aside and work on another story. The thing about webcomics is the momentum.You can’t take weeks off to work on something else and then expect everything to be the same when you go back.Readers get bored and leave.Your fan base dwindles. People unsubscribe.

So with that in mind I’ve been trying to work on this Spandex Girl project “on the side.” But that strategy was getting me nowhere. I’ve been working on my webcomic relentlessly, trying to maintain at least a once per week schedule and finding even that very difficult.
So I’ve decided to set the webcomic aside for the required amount of time it takes to finish Spandex Girl. I’m challenging myself to finish the artwork by Sunday, April 12. Wish me luck.
The “Mervin the Monster” storyline of my webcomic has, as I’ve admitted before, gone on longer than I intended. I guess I thought the story would go for 10-15 pages max. Now I’m coming up on 33 pages and I still have quite a few to go. I should have edited myself better. I often work from a plot synopsis and guesstimate the amount of pages the story will take. I’m almost always wrong by a few pages but I’ve never been this wrong.

From here on out I need to write a script first. The thing about scripts is that you can see how many pages you’re actually gonna be working with and whether or not there’s too many. If there’s too many, then scenes have to be cut or combined. Had I written a proper script and foresaw that my story was ballooning towards 40 pages, I would have cut a lot of unnecessary crap.

Another project I’m doing “on the side”(meaning that it’s taking forever) is a collection of my old Blonde Marvel stories into a PDF/ebook format.

I’ve been thinking about the future of the Blonde Marvel and what I want to do is take the comic in a different direction. The stories I’ve done so far have all been stand alone and they aren’t really connected to each other in a chronological fashion. There’s no “continuity” to the series, other than The Blonde Marvel shows up in each story. She can fight off an alien invasion in the 1950’s in one story and in another she can fight a giant monster in the modern day. Hey, that’s the magic of comics, right?

Well, that was fun and all but what I want to do, starting next year, is introduce some actual continuity to the series and tell stories in a more or less chronological order. So basically I want to start with her origin and go from there. The stories that happened prior to this probably won’t be a part of that continuity.

Now don’t get bent out of shape. If you’ve been reading comics for any length of time, you know this sort of thing happens. The Superman stories of the 1950’s were fun and still worth reading but they aren’t considered part of the continuity of the modern Superman comic.

So as to avoid confusion (as if I haven’t confused you already) the Blonde Marvel website will just feature the “modern age” Blonde Marvel stories (beginning with her origin and continuing from there). The “non-canon” or “silver-age” stories will be collected into this book I’m putting together. I hope to have it ready soon.