BM at 16Reprise

Sketching, brainstorming, spit-balling…and so forth.

What if The Blonde Marvel originally got her powers as a teen-age girl? How does that change things, if at all?

Well, most obviously, having her start out as a teen super-hero would mean that when we are introduced to her in her late 30’s, she will already have had two decades worth of adventures, experience, and arch enemies. Speaking as a writer, such a thing kind of opens up new possibilities. As a reader it may prove challenging/confusing as I’ve (not always but for many years) maintained that Angie got her powers in her late 30’s.

I liked the idea of the “in her thirties” origin because most superheroines in comics get their powers in their teens or twenties. So I wanted to be (drumroll please) original! However, if memory serves, (and not that anyone read my comics back then) I originally conceived of the Blonde Marvel as having once been a teen hero (and divorced).

But you know, it’s comics. Things aren’t set in stone. Wolverine dies. He comes back to life. Superman is the sole survivor of Krypton. Then he’s not. Then he is again. Then he’s not again. Thor is a guy. Now Thor is a lady.

Anyhow, if Angela gets her powers as a teenager, before she’s married, does that raise the possibility that her children have superpowers too?
What are your thoughts on the matter? I’m all ears.

Sketch One: Early Blonde Marvel, age 16 or thereabouts.
Sketch Two: The Blonde Marvel, age 38, with her nephew Mervin the werewolf.