The Bantam is a new character I hope to add to the Blonde Marvel universe. She’s 4’11 and fights crime in and around Municipal City.

What follows is a journal entry from my DA page which I’m re-posting here for the benefit of people who don’t visit my DA page! You know who you are 🙂 !

Happy Holidays Peoples
Can you stand one more Blonde Marvel joint from me?  (“man that guy, all he does is draw Blonde Marvel, doesn’t he draw anything else…?”).

You may be wondering about the blue aura around BM’s hands. That’ll all be explained in time.

Hey, can you stand just one more long winded confessional from me? Last one of 2014, I promise!

Over the past couple years I guess I’ve been slowing down on submissions. I useta submit any old thing back in the day. In fact I’d submit a joint like five seconds after it was done,ha ha ha. Oh, my wild tempestuous youth! But I stopped all that cuz half the time I’d look at that stuff a week or maybe a month later and think, man that drawing sucked! And yup I’d quietly remove it from my gallery. So I started submitting less stuff and only stuff that I’d worked on and set aside for a few days at least. If it still looked good to me after that, I’d go ahead and submit it. If you wanna check out the evolution of this picture you can check out my sketchblog here:…

I’ve also submitted less of these kinds of pin ups (for lack of a better term) cuz my main focus has been making comics. I’d like to make more of these kinds of individual drawings next year, as well as increase my comics output. I have no plans to clone myself, so it’ll be interesting to see how I pull that off. Well, I do have a plan to increase my comic output at least. A plan, mind you. I’ll let you know in about six months if it works.

Over the past couple years I’ve joined a lot of cool DA groups. Main reason being to promote my artwork, to be truthful, but also because the groups were cool. But I’ve made the decision to stop watching all but two of them (Got Milf and NewtypeParadise… ) because my inbox has become  so inundated with art from people I don’t know that I often completely miss or never see art from my original friends here on DA. I often miss new stuff from GraphicBrat or Rampant404 and UedGuy due to my inbox being overfilled with works from people I don’t actually follow.

As for going PG-13 next year, I’m still on the fence. I’d prefer to remain explicit. Hell, I’d prefer to be more explicit. I’d also like to sell my explicit comics. But it seems like the Purity Police are out to get me, lol.
Paypal is the world’s number one and most popular way to exchange cash for goods. However I can’t use Paypal to sell my comics. Not unless I want my funds seized and held for six months to a year.
Project Wonderful is a great way to advertise your webcomic UNLESS you have an “adult” webcomic. If so, you have significantly less opportunities to promote your comic.
Drive Thru Comics is a great place to sell digital comics. Unless you’re selling an adult digital comic, in which case your comic will be hidden away from casual browsers.
And it goes on like that…

But getting back to the drawing above. Well, you know I usually do a lot of old school rendering, a lot of feathering and spot blacks and all that 1970’s stuff but here I decided to render with colors which I guess is the more modern way of doing things. Let me know what you think. Is this something I should do more of or incorporate into my future comics or what?

Okay, lemme close this off with some long overdue shout outs :)

GraphicBrat and UED GUY, thanks for telling it like it is!
Xalienwrath, Rampant 404, Man in Black, GB and UG, thanks for reblogging and retweeting my stuff (if I can just get the other 189 followers to do the same).
OneSheepArmy, thanks for reblogging my Tumblr posts!
Sam B. thanks for commissioning me from time to time.
Susan, thanks for being my number one fan and occasional sounding board.
Yak the Ripper, thanks for being a partner and a pal. Do more comics!
Nick Dean thanks for keeping it old school, lol! Lavaboyz thanks for being a fan!
And everybody else!!!!!!!! :)

See you next year!