golden age bm

…um, that’s if you consider 2005-2006 a Golden Age. So before I got down to drawing a Blonde Marvel series, I spent a good amount of time sketching, doodling and brainstorming what the character was gonna look like and be about. Here is one of the earliest drawings of The Blonde Marvel. Pencil and marker on Bristol board and colored in Photoshop 7. Professor Ultra? I believe he was supposed to be her mentor, sort of who Commander Marvel represents today. And the Yellow Devil was going to be her arch-nemesis.

A lot about Blonde Marvel has changed from my earlier concept. The flag-based costume for example, which was a major stroke of unoriginality on my part. What hasn’t changed is that I’ve always envisioned her as an older woman with a husband and kids, rather than the typical 20 something single gal. The character was kinda sorta based on Candy Samples and Chesty Morgan, real life women who had big boobs.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane. We now join the year 2014, already in progress….