It’s no secret that the Blonde Marvel went through a half dozen costume designs before I more or less settled on the current version around 2007 (or thereabout). I remember it was frustrating trying to come up with a decent costume for the Blonde Marvel. All the best designs were taken, or so it seemed.

I wonder…could I have really gotten away with this costume design?

Perhaps if BM was, say, from another planet and didn’t consider nudity as big a deal as we Earthlings? Sorta like Starfire from the Teen Titans?
Still, considering all the shit I had to go through these past 10 years having to deal with censorship, companies like PayPal that want to seize your account because you draw titties, companies that refuse to publish anything with nudity, companies that WILL publish nudity but won’t display your book on their front page (drivethrucomics, just sayin’)… I probably would have eventually put a regular costume on her, lol.

Early Concept Art