or “100 Days of Making Comics…Day 9”



I probably won’t get around to working on Page 10 due to all the crap shit stuff I have to study for tonight. I did manage to do some very quick sketches concerning The Evil Society of Monsters ™, my thoroughly ripped off idea for a team of super-villains. These didn’t take more than a couple minutes each to sketch out and I even used the symmetry tool on most of them to save a few seconds, lol, (except for the first one, which I completed several weeks ago as reference for the book). First up is Dr. Terrible and his robot (whom Patreon supporters may recall from the preview pages you’ve seen). Next up is Madam Terrible, Dr. Terrible’s wife who fell victim to one of his sinister experiments. She smells worse than she looks. Next is No-Bot, another victim of experimentation, this laid back rocker dude from the 70’s is trapped in the body of a killer robot hell bent on logic and computation!!! Finally, we have Vulgra, vampiress and queen of the undead. Wish I had time to draw but it’s back to the books for now. Laters!