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Chesty Morgan

It’s no secret that Chesty Morgan is one of the real life inspirations for the Blonde Marvel.

From Wikipedia:
Unlike many of the modern adult entertainment stars with large breasts, Morgan’s were not augmented with implants. According to the 1988 edition of Guinness Movie Facts & Feats, her bust measurement is the largest on record for a film star.

Morgan began her career as a stripper in the early 1970s, using the name Zsa Zsa. A nightclub owner suggested she call herself “Chesty Morgan”. She never stripped below the waist, and in traditional burlesque fashion, valued the tease as much as the strip. She was occasionally arrested, allegedly for letting men near the stage touch the tops of her breasts to verify that they were real.

She starred in two Doris Wishman films: Deadly Weapons and Double Agent 73. She was also filmed by Federico Fellini as Barbarina in Fellini’s Casanova, but her scenes were cut. Clips from Doris Wishman’s two 1970s sexploitation films, based around Morgan’s very large breasts, were featured in John Waters’ 1994 film, Serial Mom. Waters also wrote a role for Morgan in his never-made feature Flamingos Forever.

Her Career

Listen to Radio Host Don Percy interview Chesty

From Boobpedia:

Morgan’s philosophy about her career was that she was sharing her natural endowment with her audience. “My boobs belong to the world,” she said, “They’re attached to my body, but they belong to the public.” She believed that she was showing generosity by inviting her patrons to feel her breasts. “My heart is as big as my chest,” she claimed.

About the style of her performances, she said, “I don’t do a complete nude show. I don’t do that kind of show. I’m not a porno star. Even men don’t want a complete nude woman. Topless, maybe, but at least a G-string. They want something left to the imagination, something discreet.”

During her act, Morgan employed much humor directed at her physical attributes. Her walk to the stage would sometimes include two midgets. They would march in front of Morgan, each supporting one of her mammaries. Her speech while on stage included such jokes as, “You know why my feet so small? Because things don’t grow in the shade, that’s why.” She claimed to be opposed to Women’s Liberation because, “they want to go braless and I can’t do it.”

Chesty Morgan’s daily wardrobe consisted of bras made by the Texas company Command Performance. A 1979 article reported that they cost $50 each. A 1987 interview reported that the price had gone up to $100 each, and that she wore a double-P cup. On stage she wore an elaborate costume which included an ostrich plume shawl and a black, silver-sequined gown which she had purchased for over $5,000. She reported, in 1987, that some of her costumes cost up to eight thousand dollars.