Another stab at a costume design for Angela’s daughter, Cassandra.

What’s up, Everyone! Recently I put up a poll asking if the Blonde Marvel should be single of married. Thanks everyone for voting and/or giving their opinion. I appreciate everyone weighing in on the subject and I haven’t reached any decision. It may be several months to a year before I even get to work on any more Blonde Marvel related material.
I see that a lot of readers think it was Harold that’s been keeping Blonde Marvel from fucking everything that moves, lol, when in actuality it’s been that darn writer! More than anyone else I’m the one guilty of putting a lot of restrictions on Blonde Marvel as far as when, where, why she will have sex. It’s me most of all who’s responsible for not letting her get her groove on. When I set out to do a Blonde Marvel story I seem to have all these built in restrictions…

  • I don’t want her to be raped (well sometimes but not without putting up a helluva fight)
  • I don’t want her to just meet some guy and bam jump in bed with him a page later
  • I don’t want her to seem like a recurring sex victim (like the characters at superheroine central)
  • Or a ditzy, dumb blonde
  • Then again, I don’t mind if she is hypnotized, tricked, blackmailed or magically compelled to have sex (it ain’t her fault, lol!!)And I don’t necesarilly want her to have sex in every story. Most, but not every. Just fight crime (while being sexy).
  • On top of that (there’s more???), I had wanted each story to have all the typical elements of a Marvel or DC comic: plot, characterization, motive, supporting characters, action, humor, and on and on….

That’s a lot of restrictions just to start off, and that of course impacts how popular she is (or isn’t). I really believed (and still do) that if I was able to do the comic on a regular basis I could have made it work. Eventually there would be so many stories that there would be a story for everyone. People who were impatient for her to have sex already would have their stories. People who wanted more plot-centerd stories would have their stories. But in reality, I could only do the stories when I had a spare moment, a page here a page there, with some stories taking months, sometimes a year or more to finish (and it got worse when I went back to school a couple years ago). I confess that I was hoping Patreon would help free up some time so that I could do Blonde Marvel more. Like most artists, I’d like to make enough money from Patreon or something similar to just get up in the morning and draw comics until the end of the day. There’d be so much Blonde Marvel you’d get sick of her, lol.

About good old Harold. Harold was never meant to get in the way of her sexual adventures, I just thought having her be married added to the “spice” of the stories. I confess that I find x-rated comics, novels and porn where the heroine is older and married more stimulating than stories about single guy/single girl hookups. I’ve read a bunch of “one off” adult comics about MILFs who have an affair but there aren’t many recurring characters. There’s Velamma for one, who, although a morally upright wife and mother, just keeps getting into sexual adventures she hadn’t planned on. And there’s Mrs. Hani and Mrs. Keegan from Duke’s Harcore Honey’s… but not much else.

And I think that even without Harold, it would have been pretty much the same. She could have more sex but probably wouldn’t, given all the aforementioned restrictions. The fact that, unlike other sexy characters, there is someone that Angela cares about and has to hide her indiscretions from, I felt, made the stories a touch sexier. Few if any sexy x-rated or r-rated superheroines are married (or have kids, or are over the age of 20) and I wanted BM to be all those things that the other’s weren’t. Problem is, because of my limited time and my desire to “get on with things”, Harold and other supporting characters keep getting their parts left on the cutting room floor. Which is what got me thinking a couple weeks ago…what is the point, really, of having Harold, Cassandra etc., if no one’s seen or heard from them since the Bush administration, lol!? I should either get rid of the characters or re-commit to using them.

I can’t say what will happen going forward b/c more than anything time is my enemy. My output has dwindled since I started back at school and this semester has been the worst. I wrote everyone on Patreon week before last about how I just experienced a rare weekend where I had absolutely no schoolwork to do. I had no test to study for (I had just taken three) no project to work on, no essay to write, nothing!!! But instead of drawing I think I spent the weekend catching up on sleep, lol.

I am keeping the doors open to Angela being single/divorced. And the restrictions I had placed on her sexual adventures were never set in stone, they were just guidelines, sorta kinda, from which I approached each story. Where the story actually took me from there was anyone’s guess. And of course I hold Susan’s opinion about the character in high regard as she has always been a major supporter of my work, and a patron before there was Patreon. And I hold other reader and fan opinions in high regard as well. I hear all the time about people who love the character and I feel guilty because I haven’t done much to earn that love, I don’t think. Especially this past two years. My output has been so spotty and sparse.

Looking back, it had always been my intention to create other characters besides Blonde Marvel who would star in their own comics and those characters would be far more promiscuous and sexually free-er. All of the characters would have gotten their freak on but Blonde Marvel would have just been the more “conservative” of the bunch (but still sexually active). But outside of a few test drawings, that plan hasn’t yet materialized. Again, free time and the lack of it. If they let me draw at school or at work, I’d be all over it!

The reason I have time to write this long blathering entry is b/c today is the beginning of the so-called Thanksgiving break. So called b/c there won’t be much of a break. I’ll be sitting at the Thanksgiving table, eating with one hand and working on a group report on Database Administration with the other. But no point in complaining (further). You do what you gotta do to get that diploma. I’m giving myself a day off to do what I want. I may even get to draw something.