Lord Kragula“The Wrath of Lord Kragula” is a dirty filthy Blonde Marvel comic I began some years ago. How long ago? This was done in Manga Studio 4 EX, that’s how long ago, lol. Anyways, as you can see the art is very raw and sketchy and I almost never like people to see what my art looks like at this stage. I want to maintain the illusion that my art just flows out of my pen all perfect and neat. But in reality my art is like Chicken McNuggets—you really don’t wanna go behind the scenes and see how it’s made (you think you do, but you don’t).

I don’t recall for certain why I abandoned this particular project. It seemed like a good enough idea. I certainly put a lot of work into it, relatively speaking, to have just up and abandoned it. But this happens to me a lot. I’m easily motivated and just as easily unmotivated. I managed to do 15 pages of this kind of raw sketch-work, some pages more sketchy than others. The lettering was also done in Manga Studio. It was supposed to be tentative. I would have changed a lot of the dialogue later on depending on how the art turned out.

Take a look at part one of the (unfinished) story below…

Blonde Marvel Imprisoned By Lord Kragula

Lord Kragula Part 1 (unfinished)
Lord Kragula Part 2 (unfinished)
Lord Kragula Part 3 (unfinished)