Originally, and very groggily posted on Deviant Art

Seriously tho, very groggy and a bit disoriented from not enough sleep; I stayed up til about three in the morning working on a programming project for school, not because there was a looming deadline or anything (thank the stars) but because I was really stoked about the progress I was making on my own without having to stop and say, okay, I’ve reached the limits of what I know about Java in particular and programming in general, now’s the time to call in help. And during breaks I would do something art related although nothing to write home about (or a blog post about, certainly). But mostly I tried to improve upon my drawing from yesterday (last night? day before last night? who am I? when am I?) the one of the Blonde Marvel striking a fighting pose, for which I have to give credit to (retired) porn actress and Power Girl cosplayer, Siri Pornstar. I’m thinking of using it as a cover for the comic I’m working on and this morning did a mock up. I’ve always enjoyed making mock covers for publications that don’t (yet) exist, lol:

If I had my way, and if the publishing industry wasn’t in such trouble, I’d be an art director for a publishing firm, wear a tweed jacket to work every day (with the patches on the elbows), smoke a pipe and do mock ups of the magazines that were gonna “hit the news-stands” three months from now (remember news stands? anyone? Beuller…?)

But okay, where was I? Yes, talking about a possible cover for this Blonde Marvel comic I’m working on. Some of you know I used to do the Blonde Marvel as a (sort of) weekly webcomic (weekly, bi-weekly, there-abouts) and that was fun I kinda grew dis-satisfied with how that was going, both creatively and financially…shit, might as well throw in “spiritually” too, lol. No, I wasn’t happy with the slow pace of the stories, that is too say, the way in which the story would advance so slowly and incrementally. I felt bad that the readers would have to wait on my slow ass to drop the next page, and even worse when I had to skip a week or two because of work or school or natural disaster, whatever. I also felt that, because I only had the one page per week, and I felt compelled to use that one page to advance the damn story, I felt I had to keep putting aside certain aspects like supporting characters for example. And because it was a NSFW comic, I also always felt compelled to “get to the good parts” 🙂 , you know? Never-you-mind all that “plot development” jazz, lol. And I also felt bad about what I guess you’d call “comic-coitus interruptus” or the phenomenon of starting a sex scene between the Blonde Marvel and whomever, and then having to wait a week to see the scene continue…and another week to see more…and then another week…and oh by the way I have to skip a week because my dog ate my tablet…and then the sex scene concludes a month later, lol, which is a heck of a way to depict something that lasts, at best, twenty -thirty minutes 🙂 !

To be sure, my readers almost never complained about any of that stuff, it was how I felt internally. And I, my own worst critic, (as every artist, creative person ought to be to some extent, although I go overboard at times), I felt like I wasn’t doing my best work, and the comic was no where as good as it could be. I wanted to step back and see if I could make a better product if I didn’t have the “pressure” to put out a page per week (or the guilt that comes when, inevitably, I couldn’t put out a page that week). I put pressure in quotes because of course, the pressure was all in my mind. I don’t believe for an instant my readers would get upset if I missed a week or took a break. They have lives too (I’m assuming 🙂 ).

But I say all this to say: the idea of making this comic is to tell a story that I felt I couldn’t tell when it was running as a 1 page per week webcomic, one where I can focus on supporting characters without slowing the pace, or focus on plot and the whole historic background of the Blonde Marvel and her fellow super-heroes, without feeling like there’s someone out there in Peoria shouting “never-mind all this plot development jazz, just get to the good stuff!!!” Which of course doesn’t really happen, I don’t think. Mainly because Peoria doesn’t exist. Right? I’ve never seen it, anyway.

So anyways here’s that work-in-progress cover along with the model who inspired the pose!