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* For the next 100 days, for at least 30 minutes a day, I’ll be working on the first issue of my sexy, funny, action packed comic book The Blonde Marvel, which I hope to offer digitally and in print later this year. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Wow, thirty minutes go by quick, huh? Well, today I could have spent more time on it but with all the running around I had to do today I decided 30-40 minutes was enough. I did some penciling and inking on Page 9 which focuses on Super Star, a rival super heroine stationed in Major City. She’s one of a handful of supporting cast characters I wanted to include in the book. One of the drawbacks of doing Blonde Marvel as a one-page-per-week webcomic was that although I wanted to add supporting characters and important plot elements pertinent to BM’s history, I felt that doing so would slow the action down and at one page a week I couldn’t afford to do that. For example if I have Angela chat with her wacky neighbor (everyone loves a wacky neighbor as a recurring character :) ) and only for a couple of pages, that seems cool enough. ┬áBut in webcomic time, two pages = two weeks. So any time devoted to BM’s husband, children, other supporting characters seemed like a luxury I couldn’t afford given I only had one page per week to tell the main story.
When I started the webcomic I didn’t feel particularly bad about such things because I equated webcomics with newspaper strips, which as you may recall only had three or four panels a day to advance the story (and thus typically only managed to get one or two stories done in a year). But early on I kinda felt the pressure to speed things up and get the stories moving at a faster pace, which is why BM’s supporting cast over the years haven’t made many appearances. In the story I’m working on now almost every major cast member I’ve introduced over the course of the series makes an appearance.
Well, that’s all I’ve got. Later tonight I may sneak in a few more minutes of inking.
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