working on another page in Manga Studio

And I’m working on Page 11. I debated whether to proceed with page 11 or start lettering the first 10 pages done so far. By unanimous vote (well, me and GraphicBrat) it was decided the best course of action was to proceed with Page 11, full steam ahead. Anyway, I’m just not in the mood to fool with Illustrator. Also I realize I can send Pages 7 through 10 to the flatter if need be but I think I’ll wait until I have more material (and money). Speaking of money, if you or any of the bots or spiders who still visit this page would like to help support the making of the comic, please consider contributing and becoming a Patreon supporter. Here are the details. The money goes towards having the pages flatted (flat colored) and stuff like my monthly Photoshop/Illustrator subscription.

Thanks! 🙂