AJAX is a federal agency whose chief responsibility is to supervise and coordinate the crime fighting and anti-terrorism efforts of superhuman agents such as The Vita Men, The Righteous League and the Blonde Marvel. Created in 1942 in response to the attack on Pearl Harbor, AJAX gives its agents broad authority to administer justice on behalf of the United States government.

AJAX is tasked primarily with thwarting the activities of superhuman criminals and terrorists both foreign and domestic. Their chief tool in this regard are The Righteous League. Formed in 1942, the original League consisted of Mister Universe, Captain Tomorrow, Small Wonder, Shield Maiden and The Bald Eagle. The Righteous League fought enemy agents, spies and saboteurs who were superhuman and sometimes supernatural. After helping to win the war in Europe, President Truman ordered the team disbanded in 1946.

The team was reformed in the wake of the September 11th Attacks.

The Vita Men, formed as an independent team of adventurers in the early 1960’s, officially became a subordinate of AJAX in 1971.

AJAX is also tasked with identifying and containing the efforts of so called “vigilantes,” or superhumans who have chosen not to ally themselves with AJAX. Vigilantes are not lawfully required to join AJAX, however, their actions are not sanctioned by US government, leaving them open to prosecution should things go wrong.

AJAX is also tasked with identifying and advising “non-aligned” personnel, or those citizens with superhuman powers who choose to lead everyday lives. Non-aligned personnel are not a major concern to AJAX as long as they remain non-aligned (they must not use their powers to fight crime or commit crime). They are, however, allowed to use their powers in self-defense under reasonable circumstances. Non-aligned personnel must not use their powers to unfairly gain advantage in employment or games of chance. For example, someone who runs super-fast may not enter the Olympics, nor may a mind-reader play a professional game of poker.